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Wrote that article regarding the Seattle Seahawks and has nothing to do with the NFL and society. For the Seahawks the most important offseason in the history of the team started with the news that the team had parted ways with defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. and defensive coordinator Andre Curtis. Norton Jr. was the teams DC the past four years. The team defense has been ranked near the bottom the last four years. A former Pro-Bowl and All- Pro linebacker during his playing career with the Cowboys and 49ers Norton Jr began his coaching career working under Pete Carrol at USC in 2004. Yup you know how all this goes. Nothing personal pal but we gotta make a change. The NFL is all about winning, Homies or not. But fear not Norton Jr. is a legend of the game and will finding another coaching gig somewhere else if he chooses to stay in the profession.

Same for Curtis who has been with the Seahawks since 2017 in various defensive capacities. What neither of them will get is an interview as a head coach. I bring that up abruptly because out of 32 teams the NFL has only one head coach. Yea I said it one black coach . Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburg Steelers. I say shame on you NFL, but no one is listening. As previously mentioned, this is a business of winning. To win means to give someone I trust a chance by making sure they have the resources and time they need to succeed. If I am a billionaire owner the only people, I trust are those that speak, look and act like me. Sorry pal this is strictly business. Not really going to trust my billions of dollars on someone just so the NFL can tout its diversity 60 second commercial. Sorry pal this is strictly business. We know nothing is going to change in the NFL . Yes, re-signed and cynical and quite honest it feels good to concentrate on something more positive than the NFL’s broken promises and lies.



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