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Unbroken Chain By Harold Murphy

This poem is dedicated to the unbroken chain of black poets who have given us a legacy or poetic treasure to share;Also, to the Legacy of Fitzgerald Beaver, the Founder of The Facts Newspaper in Seattle WA.

This Sun is Hot

Dis sun are hot,

Dis hoe are heavy,

Dis grass grow furderdanIcanreach;

An' as I looks

At dis Cotton fiel',

I thinks I mus' 'a' been called to preach.

The author of this poem is unknown.It represents a Poem retrieved from a Collection of Folk/Secular Poetry.This type of poetry represents the actual historical language used by the people in the environment they inhabited.The language is that of the language of the black person , and not the language of the black writer. This language of the black population in The United States, has resulted in a new black poetry form, This form has strengthened and serves as a strong link of the Unbroken Chain of Black Poetry.


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