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Will We Rise… Again?

Will We Rise… Again?

Rising is the universal act of resilience.

By Chardonnay Beaver | Influential Speaker, Storyteller, and Creator of WOWbyChar

Merriam Webster defines “rising” as the act of going upward, to become higher. I believe 2022 is a year that will require us to rise… again. The start of a new year can be exciting for many and scary for others. One tends to experience the unexpected and, after 2020, try not to anticipate the unknown. In fact, when considering these past two years some might count more losses than blessings.

Gradually, one begins to master the habit of expecting disappointment. Some attempt to justify expecting disappointment to ease the fall that comes from maintaining high hopes. In short, one may believe “don’t give your hopes up to be let down”. Rather than considering where one places their hope, one chooses to relinquish their hope completely.

When one’s vision is clouded by disappointment it seems inscrutable to rise. Fortunately, rising is the universal act of resilience. Rising requires one to concentrate on matters that promote hope, love, and compassion. This may require the absence of noise that tends to overcrowd our lives.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: Evaluate the “noise” in your life (i.e., self-deprivation or poor influences). Then, write out a list of what you’re hopeful for in 2022. Include habits that will help you sustain a mindset of hope. Eventually, you’ll begin to seize every opportunity to rise above disappointment. Hebrews 12:1-2.


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