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Washington set to be the most academically prestigious school to ever win the CFP Championship, study finds

The Huskies are one game away from being crowned national champions, and the heat is on! 

  • The Washington Huskies would be the #1 most academically prestigious school to have ever won the CFP National Championship

  • Washington would become the champion with the longest preseason odds ever, surpassing Ohio State in 2014 (+4000)

  • Washington would be the only school to have been ranked inside the top 30 academic universities, and the second to be ranked inside the top 90 (Ohio State in 2014)

  • All teams in this year’s CFP had odds of +650 or longer; it is only the second time ever that no CFP team in a year has had odds of +600 or better (2015)

  • This year’s CFP is the only one in history to feature 3 top 25 academic universities; no other year’s CFP had more than 1


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